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The Breitinger Company is committed to meeting your total design and production needs.

We manufacture precision stampings, competitively priced for all industries in long or short-runs. Our stamping facilities have over fifty individual presses with a maximum press capacity of 500 tons and 54" x 108" beds. Breitinger runs progressive, draw, form, and blanking dies.

Precision Stampings: Progressive, draw, form,
  blanking, and transfer
Over 100 presses - up to 500 Tons
Bed sizes to 156" by 72"

Product assembly is the last stop in a long line of quality services available to Breitinger customers. Our experienced production staff can coordinate automatic, semi-automatic and manual operations to assemble components into finished products.

Production Welding
The Breitinger Company is capable of meeting any customer's needs; from high volume automated or robotic welding to MIG, TIG, or spot welding of parts and assemblies.